Log ’em up, move ’em out


After Tim brought down a trailer full of logs from one of our fallen trees, he asked for a hand in getting them into the wood shed. Nae bother, until it’s time for the mini crofter to be up from his nap. Discussion on who does what job, he takes the mini crofter, I take splitting wood (yes, really, I like my outdoors). Then the ‘shower’ started. Soon it turned to become sheets of rain and a sharp wind. Well, you get warmed twice by the wood at least.

But, it does take some skill. Skill? What skill? Ah, the skill of splitting them without causing an injury to yourself (jaw bone got it once and I can tell you it’s a tad painful and remarkable for not requiring medical treatment) or destruction to the things around you (considerable damage to the extension cable was my best target so far). OK, health and safety isn’t easy when you have no idea where the logs are going to split to. But hey, when it’s raining in sheets and your safety goggles keep steaming up you have to pay close attention to the splitter, keeps you on your toes and ready to dive in any direction. I’m sure it’s good for your core muscles, they really should incorporate log splitting into Pilates, always better to achieve two things at once…

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