Applying coffee



Well Taylors of Harrogate, how did you know to label your coffee for the Crofting Wifie?

For those of you who want it expanded:
Lazy: Mini Crofter and I were only up 10 mins before the alarm, usually it’s several hours.
Sunday: As it says but can be applied to all days of the week

Laid back: In the grass, with a hand up a sheep…

Lovely: oh look, a new born lamb.

3: Yes, some people think this is referring to the coffee’s strength. However, there are various other interpretations; a) remember to check the lambing field at 3am when you’re up feeding wee one, b) the Crofter is only away for 3 weeks at a time, what could go wrong, or c) you will be onto 3 mugs a day by the time he gets home!

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