Pay a gym membership but want to save money? Looking at ways of getting more fresh air? Want to improve your fitness? Then look no further. I fully recommend a new form of exercise -it’s called return various animals back to original fields. Do this under a time limit as to when the mini crofter needs his next meal and you are sure to reach your step goals.
I have now returned 2 steers and 4 heifers (after one ran though and broke the electric), one ram who found an old rotten strainer post to join the neighbour’s ram, one steer who thought the bucket used to retrieve the ram was for him, one young calf who went frolicking while the hay bale was getting dropped off into the byre, and I currently have one blackface sheep on the wrong side. Oh, and lambing has now started! Anyone looking at improving their fitness and lending a hand to chase animals (and improve fencing) are more than welcome to stop by. Bring wellies, you may not need them but they make it more of a challenge to run.

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