The 7” Shingles by The Unusable North

I’ve got the 7” shingles, the wrong lying outcome The 12 pile broken mix Just put them in the wheelbarrow, grab yourself a mallet See what we can smash up I want some slate scree and revamp, a dodgy little section With a merry wee wish and bang From slates for the roof to chippingsContinue reading “The 7” Shingles by The Unusable North”

The Pirates of Per Chance.

Meet the three wee pigs. Who, after their arrival (ie, one day to collect, three days distracted with plumbing) decided to put on a show in line with Gilbert and Sullivan’s Penzance production. Scene one, act one began as they were given access to explore their new surroundings. The electric fence was soon tested butContinue reading “The Pirates of Per Chance.”