Produce: From Field to Fork

All our meat is reared on the croft in Strathnairn (Inverness-shire) with the main produce being beef. Our cattle are grass fed, whether it be fresh, dried (hay) or pickled (silage) with occasional treats from a bucket to ensure good handling and to minimise their stress when we need to work with them. We usually send them off around the 30 month mark which can take patience but well worth the wait for the flavour.

Our veg boxes, relish, chutneys, and jellies are made from the variety of fruit and veg that are grown each year. While the fruit and veg boxes are only seasonal, the chutneys and jellies are one way of preserving the excess produce to be enjoyed over the winter months.

As our produce is from our croft to your kitchen, feel free to ask any questions about our gardens or livestock, their welfare, or even regarding the meat itself.

We are a member of the Quality Meat Scotland Assurance Scheme to ensure high welfare standards for our livestock and which gives our customers quality meat on their table.

We are also an official Scottish Crofting Producer.


Six week hung beef.
Hand crafted by the team at Macbeth’s, Forres. All cuts are frozen, most are vacuum packed.


Sirloin on the bone: 1.895kg (£56.85)

Beef Steaks (2 steaks per pack)

  • Sirloin £32/kg (average 520g per pack)
  • Rump £21/kg (One pack of two and one single rump steak available)

Beef Sausages:

Our current sausages are on offer for £5/pack. Each pack usually has 8-10 sausages, minimum weight 500g, flavours include:
  • Cajun (contains gluten, sulphite)
  • Gluten free plain beef (contains sulphite)

Other Beef Cuts:

Diced (£13/kg) Average 500-530g per pack, each pack individually priced per weight.

Mince £6/pack (minimum weight 500g)

Shin £11/kg (average 520g per pack)


£3.50/jar or 3 for £10 (approx 290g jars)

Merry Chutney (contains gluten). A chutney with a splash of ale. Great with sourdough bread and Connage chedder.

The Laird’s Chutney (contains sulpher). An exotic twist of apricot and date in this chutney.

Whitecurrant Jelly perfect with pork roasts, added to sauces in stews, or pair with certain cheeses from a cheese board).

Crofter’s Chutney Sold out

Drover’s Relish Sold out

Stalker’s Jelly sold out

Onion Marmalade Sold out


Please note we currently have no eggs available for sale.


Seen something you want but not sure on the exact pricing or what size you need? Let me know either what size you are after or for how many people and we can give a rough idea so that you can then decide.

Looking for any recommendations, ideas, or unsure about cooking particular cuts? There are a couple of faux pas that are good to know about when cooking meat. It can be very easy to judge a cut because of a past experience. Regarding beef; it is often good to take the hot and fast approach or the slow and low option.

For any of the above questions, something else you are unsure of, or if you would like to purchase any produce, please get in touch via Facebook, mobile or the contact page (please enter either your email address or phone number so I can respond to your lovely comments).


If you have online banking, we can now send out an invoice that makes payment very easy. For customers who wish to collect their orders, we accept both card and cash. For those who wish to make a bank transfer, please pay the full invoice to:

E. Rose

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Account No. 10036820

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